Donor Management

With People, Organizations, Households, Programs, Recipients, Projects


Start being more proactive instead of reactive. We'll show you how to maximize giving by building close personal relationships with your donors. Nthropy tracks hobbies, interests, family members, work, matching gifts, connections, pictures, notes, past events, mailings, calls, emails, auto reminders, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

  • Personal Details
  • Donation History
  • Connections
  • Major Donors and VIPs

Volunteer Management


Know your most important workforce. Nthropy tracks volunteer time, expenses, skills, experience, and more – by project. Nthropy helps you reward those whose efforts make a real difference.

  • Skills
  • Time Availability
  • Volunteer History
  • Communication

Beneficiary Management

Thank you… for all you do for those that are in need

Achieve Better Results for Any Cause, Any Mission

Nthropy ties it all together. Your results are tracked, measured, and ready for communication to your donors and board members. Nthropy works for any beneficiary – people, children, education, environment, animal, organizations, countries, causes, events, and more.

  • Connect Gifts, Donors, Volunteers, Organizations, Programs, Projects, Beneficiaries, Campaigns, Events, etc.
  • Do more with less
  • Get results faster

Fund Raising Management

Increase Results and Donor Retention

Track all donations and potential donations for people, groups, organizations, gifts, matching gifts, gifts in kind, and more. Nthropy ensures that everyone gets a thank you, well done, or "we need your help" targeted to their interests and past giving activities.

  • Measure your Results to Campaigns
  • Interfaces with any Financial System
  • Unlimited Reports and Dashboards